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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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A fine morning set off before
sunrise; about 100 perches above our
lodging on an eminence of perhaps
250 or 300 feet elevation we had a
view of the lake Ontario, at 10 or 12
miles distance; also at 12 or 14 miles
distance on a straight line we had
a fair view of the fog or mist which
ascended like a cloud from the great
falls; we could while riding along
very plainly hear the roaring of the
water, like the noise of a mighty wind.
went to John Hill’s to breakfast, 10 miles;
stopped at Benjamin Hills, nearby,
where we look an affectionate farewell
of Jeremiah Moore 7 his wife; John Hill
bearing us company we went to William
where we dined, 5 miles, then
passing by the falls 2 ½ miles, we rode
up the river 12 miles, then turned