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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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I saw one man with two padlocks
in one ear, such as are used for
saddle-bags, another, with a watch,
such as children use; Large silver
crosses are also made use of. Their
calico shirts are short, and have ruf-
fles to their sleeves and bosoms.

The men’s, and women’s, are both made
in the same form, they come a little
lower than their hips, and hang
loose at the bottom, the women wear
their petticoats under them, which
are mostly made of a piece of blue
cloth, and wrapped tile round them,
coming down just below their knees,
with about 9 inches of the upper part of
the cloth turned down, on which they of-
ten stick red worsted binding.

But with all their tawdry dress, they
go dirty; I thought the women, more