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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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their corn, put their wood & c. out of
this entry a door opens into each apart
ment, that assigned us is 30 feet long
the other 24, and each 16 feet wide;
they are built of round logs or poles,
let in close together, tho not chunked
or planster’d, so that we found our
end pretty cold before morning upon
our informing the chief they had letter
make their houses tighter by plastering
up the cracks; he replied, if they made
their houses too warm, they would
not like to leave them when winter
came to go a hunting. Along
each side of these houses ran births
or seats, they are always ready; over these
births about five feet high are shelves of
the same width of the birth, which serve
to put their kitchen furniture, corn & c.
upon; the fire is built on the ground