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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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were out of meal, on letting him
know, he would supply us; we
felt releived. We agree’d with Corn-
sister to supply us with
three quarts of milk a day, at
8 pence per quart york currency, but
she presently let us know, two quarts
were as much as she could spare, we
also got one lb of butter (such as it
was) of her at two shillings.

The chief gave us some sugar, and
some we purchased of the indians
at ⅙ per lb. We have a pretty
comfortable house much to ourselves
Cornplanter has two houses, they
stand about 11 feet apart, tho
roofed over between as the other parts
of the house, which is with bark
this space between the houses serves
for an entry, or place to pound