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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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to embark with us five in a canoe, they
put us up the river with settling poles,
at the rate of three miles an hour,
in places the river was shallow and
ran rapid, and in other places from
two to six feet deep. We passed
by a number of Islands, some pretty
large, which appeared rich, were gro-
wn over with grass and other herbage
very luxuriant. The flats on each
side of the river appeared much of
the same quality, tho’ none of them
were wide. In about 6 miles we
came to Cornplanter’s sawmill, we
stopped at his request and view-
ed it, The mill is almost new, bu-
ilt on a small stream, which when
we were there was so small that
the mill could do but very little
work, and at the time of year the