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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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after their hard journey when we got
among the Indians must suffer for
want of provision While here a number
of Indians came by in canoes who
stopped to see us shook hands with
us and looked pleasant. One man came
down from the mountain to us with a
large Turkey on his back which he had just
shot, we thought it would have weighed
more than 20 lb. The sight of this con-
veyed an idea that small game was plen-
ty amongst them, and it was likely tho
we should come in for shares; one
of the canoes also had a quantity of fine
fish in it, but we found, when amongst
them that a Turkey was seldom taken
or any other small game, and it is rare
to see a squirrel in the wilderness: we saw
some pleasants but no partuges. After
a short conference on the weighty buisness