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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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ing a large number of Ponds of Stagnated
water, but as we advanced nearer the
town we passed through high cham-
paigne land, beautifully timbered, then
crossed a large stream that sprang
up a few perches to our left which of-
ten went dry in the fall. The town
was more than half a mile long
containing (as we were informed) 250
houses a numbe of which were good
stone buildings for 2 or 3 miles after
we left the town we passed through
a beautiful well improved Limestone
country then through land not so good
to Strawsburg a village containing per
haps 40 houses, built of squared logs
it stands in a low place hardly dis-
coverable till we get near by it.
shortly after we passed thro’ this town
we began to asscend the blue