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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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cool; stopped at John Garrisons 17 miles
where we fed our horses and got some
refreshment, then some of us went to
Isaac Everets 3 miles where we lodged
leaving the others at J Garrisons 32 miles.

3rd day

Set off early this morning and in
about 3 miles came to a large hill
called the First, or Blue Mountain,
which was 4 miles across, we then en-
tred a body of Limestone land haveing
crossed the Yellow Breeches a large stream.
the face of the Country dry pretty level
and much of itn under culture Rye
which is the prevailing winter grain
mostly poor, Clover scarcely made its appea-
rance in any of the fields, which for want
of better farming were very bare of Pasture
fed at the black horse 14 miles, then to
Shippensburgh 12 miles; part of this stage
was through a flat Pine bottom, contain