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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 2 1798

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Genesinguhtau 21 of 4th mo 1799 To the Committee on Indian affairs

Dear Friends,
The occasion of our Writing
to you at this time is, on account of the
enclose’d Letter which we received from
the Caturaugus Indians a few days ago
and after due deliberation on the Subject
we forward it to your consideration, be-
lieveing there is a favourable opening
for help profitably to be administered
to the Indians at that Village; and as they
are a part of the Seneka Nation, to whom
our Certificate was addressed, they have
an Idea they ought to be partakers of
the Instruction & assistance our sosiety
have proposed affording that people.

Their present situation is favour-
able for the promotion of Civilization
amongst them, haveing a reservation