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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 2 1798

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with Farming next Summer, as
one of our Horses is lame and the
Ground very hard to break up, &
we wish to be able to give the Indi-
ans a little assistance in Farming.

We informed you in our last
letter that we had purchased a Dry
Cow, which we Since find is not
likely to supply us with Milch,
and if a Yoke of Oxen should come
it would be a great accommoda-
tion to us if a good milch Cow was
sent with them. and the one we
have at present will do for Beef
next Fall. We also think it
may tend to the promotion of
the Work; and believe it expedi-
ent to submit to you, the con-
sideration of sending us the
following articles as early as