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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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lieve the Friends who have been placed at the Allegany
have discharged the trust committed to them in endea-
vouring to do for us the best they could for our advan-
tage, Dear Friend, When I first heard your
Voice and learnt your kind Office to us, I was
pleased, as I thought we were apt to transgress
the good rules of the Great Spirit, and by the aid
& advice of your people, the great Spirit would lend
us His aid, in which we might become a better people
I have nothing more to add, but again to
thank you, and hope you will not be discouraged in
still aiding us, although we make slow progress in
the arts of the White People.

Dear Friend, I remain yours sincerely
John X Obeel
His fathers name, who was a white man, resided on the Mohock River
To John Parrish, &
others of the friends at Philadelphia