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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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To Hannah Eddy, Martha Titus, Elizabeth
, and our other Sisters of the people Called
Quakers of the State of New York and elsewhere

Dear Sisters
We take this opportunity to inform
you that we have been very happy to see our wor-
thy Friends Thomas Eddy, Thomas Titus, and
Gideon Seaman, who have given us good Coun-
sel which do much good on our minds. we thank
fully accept of their good words, for we believe they
are the Children of Light and the words they
spoke flow from Love. Sisters, we will
also inform you, that we and number of our Sisters
of this Nation, have this several years past
been endeavouring to follow the good path which leads
to everlasting happiness. and that we experi-
ence in degree the Love of Jesus Christ who died for
such Sinners as we are. Sisters We find
that these Friends who gave us many good