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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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House warm, and if diligence is persued in striving to lea-
rn, there may be some wise and good Men & Women raised up

Sisters We have asked consent of our brethern to send
you these matters, and this Epistle, and they have given us con-
sent, for they are willing to encourage their Women in ev-
ery good word and work, that the Good Spirit disposeth
their Hearts unto, knowing that such attention to Duty
helps to make them better Wives & Mothers; as well as
more acceptable to their Maker, which draweth down a
devine Blessing. They will be Distributed by our Friends
J. Taylor H. Simmons and J. Thomas to such as
want them most, and to such Children as attend the Sch-
ool to keep them from suffering with the Cold.

Sisters We are troubled to hear some among the Indian
Nations are much prone to the Evil of Strong Drink, but we
hope you are preserved from this, by the good Spirit; we have
no fellowship with those who take Strong Drink to Excess in
our own Nation or others, And we hope that our Sisters who
are Sober and Brethern that are wise, will labour to persu-
ad such foolish People from those pernitious practices; and that
they will not suffer their Children and young People even to tast
it lest they Should learn to love it, and become as besoted naves

With the salutation of true Christian
good will, we remain your Friends.
Signed on behalf of our Sisters, this
fourth Day of the Tenth Month 1796
Sarah Newlin
Hannah West
Rachel Hunt
Rachel Valentine