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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Clouds in many ages, we are greatly encouraged by
partaking the blessing which your society sent up
to the different Tribes of Indians, and by the good
Councils we received from our good Friends who
visitted us last summer. So that our Eyes are fixed
on the path which they pointed out for us ,many of
our young Men looking to the ground there hands
are fast on the ax to cut small and big trees in order to
dig up the Common bread of life. And we hope that
there are number of our men and women seeking
and looking up to the father of all mercies for the
bread of Everlasing Life.

We are glad to see our good Brothers
Jacob Taylor, Henry Simmons & Enoch Wal-
, your young men, who are among our brethren
the Oneidas, who use there endeavours to do good to
that Nation, we are glad to find that they have
such patience to continue so long, and are so faithful

We desire to excite your pure minds
to remember that many of our white neighbours