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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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A Speech from the Muheconnuh Nation of Indians
to the Delawars On the 7th Day of the 10th Month 1796,

Then arrived three of the Principal Men of our Grand
fathers the Delewares, who resided at Wauchpellick
in Jerseys, on the 9th, Instant. Then a congratulatory
speech delivered by Hendrich At to his Grandfathers, in
full Council, as follows.

attend to the voice of your Grand-
I am glad that by the goodness of the Great Good
Spirit, we are allowed to meet together and smoke the
Pipe of friendship, Wile we talk together in Commemora-
tion of antient Covenant, which our forefathers Establis-
hed and Esteemed, I rejoice that the great Spirit puts
it in your minds to visit your grand Children, and Pre-
sere you through the tedious Journey, so to arrive here safely.

When I Look on you I see your Tears flowi-
ng down from your Eyes, on account of the dust that
flew about on the way as you where coming. In rem-
embrance of the ancient customs of our Ancestors,