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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Dollars to the one Thousand five Hundred Dollars here-
tofore allowed them by an Article ratifyed by the
President on the twenty third Day of the fourth Month
. Makeing in the whole, Four Thousand five Hundred
Dollars, which shall be expended yearly forever, in
perchasing Cloathing Domestic animals impliments
of Husbandry and other utesils Suited to their Circ-
umstances, and in compensating useful Artificers
who shall reside with or near them, and be Employed
for their benefit, The immediate application of the
whole annual allowance now Stipulated, to be made
by the Superintendant appointed by the President
for the affairs of the Six Nations and their Indian
friends aforesaid.
Article 7th. Lest the firm peace and Friendsh
ip now Establised should be interrupted by the misc
onduct of individuals, The United States, and Six
Nations agree, that for injuries done by Individuals
on Either Side, no private reveng or retaliation Shall
take place, but instead thereof, Complaint shall be
made by the party injured to the other, by the Six
nations or any of them, to the President of the United