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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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To the great Sachems & Chiefs of the State of Newyork
now Seting around the Council fire at N.york.

Brothers, Before you cover your council fire, we beg
your attention to the voice of your Brothers the Different tribes
Living Oneida Country, Speaks to you in Remembrance of
the Friendship you have manifested Towards them in all our
Treaties, we ourselves have held Counsels at Different times
to contemplate the welfare of our Nation, because we cannot
but groan to see our Situation; It is also Meloncholy to reflect
on the ways of our Forefathers. Brothers, you are also Som
etimes Sorrow to see the Deplorable situation of your Indian
Bretheren, For which you have given us many good coun-
sels. Though we feel ourselves willing to follow your Coun
sel, But has made no effort as yet, our situation is still
Miserable, our ancesters were conquer’d Immediately after
you came over this Island, by the Strong heroe, who dose still
reign among Indian Tribes with Tyranny, Who has rob’d
us every thing that was Precious on our Eyes, but we need
not Mention every thing Particularly how this Tyrant has
used us, For your Eyes have been open to behold our Dismal
situation by the Power of our Enemy, our eyes have been
Hinded, Our young Men seem become willing slaves to
this Dispotic Heroe, so that we Displeas’d the Great Good