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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 2 1799

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they having a view of Canadarque
Lack, which is said to be near two
miles broad, just by its outlet.

I spent the remainder of the day
in this Town, on business with the
old Chief, & the superintender
/viz/ Israel Chapin, who lives
there, as also writing to my two
Companions at Genesinguhta &
getting my horse shod.

4th day 16th Took a final fare-
well of my beloved friend, Corn-
, & his two Nephews, who
had accompanied me there, I
rode out of Town, & crossed the
outlet of Canadarque Lake, by
Bridge, it being about two rod
over, after which I found extr-
eamly muddy rods, for miles