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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 2 1799

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and my old friend Cornplanter gath-
ered some fern, or wild grass, for me
& himself to lie on, and after taking
some victuals we lay down in our Blan-
kets, where I thought I should have
gotten a good nights sleep, & very
shortly fell into a sweet sleep, but
had not lain long before, I was awa-
kened by rain, which continued all
Night & till next day about noon
very hard.

3rd day 8th Set forward thro’
the rain & wet Bushes along the
same disagreeable path, still in
the uninhabited Woods, I often
felt my heart truly thankful
to Him who preserved & conduc-
ted us safely through the ma-
ny difficult places, in the