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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 2 1799

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on of some had white people about them,
he said that was very true.

I told him it was a certainly a very
good work from the great Spirit;
therefore I knew the Devil would use
his utmost endeavours to lay it waist
for I had experienced from a very lit-
tle Boy, that he is always seeking and
ready to distroy all that is good. but as
it is a Work from the great Spirit, I
believed, He would support and carry
it on to his own Glory.

He said, that some of the white
people were as much to blame, as
the Indians; which was the reason
the Devil came so often; for when
they wanted to get their Land, they
would go to some of the worst among
them, and make a bargain first, and
afterwards apply to the Chiefs.
I believed that to be true. I