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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Journey Among the Seneca

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is a prosperous little place, where
the County Courts are held: there
are Several Stores & Tavern which
appear to get Custom plenty.

Din’d at Wm Dixons 5 miles
from U. Town where I parted
with Joel, and went to Reece Cad-
alone, after Calling to
see one Wm Whiteside who mov’d
from Newgarden som years ago
& who had restrained much pro-
perty from My Father, for
Military demands in the time
of the revolution. He was not
at home himself but his Family
gave me a hearty welcome.

I met with the rest of our company at
our kind Friend Reece Cadwallader where
we remained several days to rest
ourselves, prepare some necessary
articles for our Journey, visit