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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Journey Among the Seneca

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Wm Kirk lodg’d haveing come
30 miles this day: the others went on
to Isaac Evereds two or three miles
further. Here I was much entertain’d
with that Michanical & Philosophi-
cal genius, young Isaac Garrison, who
bid fair to be iminent in the literary
world. He had constructed a Wooden
Clock which he said kept time exceed
ing well, on the face of which was
a representation of the earth, the
Sun & whole Solar System, turn’d by
the Clock, and performing their
revolutions in regular order.


The morning being pleasant
we set out early & met the rest
of our company at Isaac Evereds
thence proceeded on over the Ridge
generally call’d the south Mountain
Mostly cover’d with pitch Pine. Just
by Holley Furnace on a Stream