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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of I. Coates, J. Sharpless, & J. Pierce, visits to Indian Reservation, NY

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and a number of their people again assembled in
council, and after spending more than an hr.
in conference amongst themselves, they spoke
to us to the following affect.

You have heard what we said to
you yesterday, and what is still on our minds.

We are very glad you have taken such
pains to come so far to help poor Indians,
and we will try to fulfill all that you desire
of us.

Brothers. We have been trying amongst
ourselves to do as you proposed yesterday, and we
find one man that is willing to learn the black
smith trade, and we find one young lad that will
come out of his own mind to learn farming:
He heard what you said yesterday in council, and
he spoke to his parents, and tell them he wants to
go and learn farming, and do as you say, and his
parents are willing, and he will come directly.

Now you must not think hard of
us because we have not got so many young men
as you proposed, we have tried to get more, but
most all our people from tother end of the town
are gone out a fishing, when they come home, we
think we shall get some more: and we will do
the best we can.