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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of I. Coates, J. Sharpless, & J. Pierce, visits to Indian Reservation, NY

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year before he had got back, - and that he
had found it his duty, to sacrifice private
convenience to pubilc good,- and he would have
us do so too, We replied that the business we
were about appeared to be agreeably settled to
both their and our minds: this other we
knew nothing about till since coming a-
mongst them: that we would have been wil-
ling to have sat with them in council, though
we did not know that we could beg any service to
them; and that the business between him and
Captain Chapin

relating to a mill, we might
be fully informed of the result, when it was settled,
by letter. He then informed us he was become
perfectly reconciled to our going, but as the
council was expected to meet any day, he could
not accompany us to Canandaigua, but John
who had been with us, would go through to the
Genesee river: and that he wished the Good
Spirit, who had hitherto preserved us would safely
keep us on our journey, untill we arrived at our
homes. He further desired we would make our-
selves perfectly easy about our young men, whom
were left among his people, for he would take the
necessary care of them, and they would be entirely
safe. We now took an affectionate farewell
of the chief, and of the Indians present who parted
with us with much respect: and I (J.S.) can truly say