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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of I. Coates, J. Sharpless, & J. Pierce, visits to Indian Reservation, NY

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fatiguing ride, we arrived at Reese Cadwallider

in Redstone where we rested ourselves and horses
about two days. Attended their meeting and then
proceeded on the journey.

Let us leave "Our Travellers" while we reflect
that in the undeveloped and thinly settled state
of the country at the time they made this visit,
such journeys involved an amount of hardship,
fatigue, and exposure, of which it is difficult at
this day to form an adequate conception. (1898.)

A member of the Indian Committee

can now
leave Philadelphia in a luxuriously furnished rail-
road car, and in less than a day find himself
on the Alleghany Indian Reservation. Then his prede-
cessor in the same good work was compelled to
ride his horse day after day over the Mountains
for two or three weeks, often with very indiferent
lodging and food to reach the same spot.

Now let us return to "Our Travellers, who
have ridden through Shippensburg

and are
taking a view of the houses as they ride through
the village of Strasburg, of which there are perhaps
40 built of squared logs, One says, Shortly after, we
began to assend the Blue Mountain an high
towering iminence steep and very rockey.

On the 4th assended another Mountain, When
we arrived at its summit we had a delightful view
of a well improved valley, two or more miles in width,