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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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1st of 10 month.

1st Day. A shower in the
Night from which our Bark Habitation en
tirely sheltered us. Intending to prosecute our
Journey after an Early Dinner, we prepard
ourselves soon after Breakfast & sat down
together with the Family (consisting of Benjn.

--Jacob Taylor--Stephen Twining & Hank
Jackson) about 9 oClock. Our Minds, I trust
being disposed to offer an Acknowledgment
of Gratitude to Him Who hath thus far
preserved us & Comfortably shed the Light
of his Countenance on our present Under
taking & Embassy--with Denies also that
He may continue His protecting Care,
both to us on our Return, and to our
Friends here stationed--that He may
Dispence to them a portion of His Wisdom
to go in and out & hold intercourse with
the Natives promotive of their Improve
ment and of His Praise. With
respect to the Concern of Friends in this
Important Work, the Pious Poets Petition
occurd to me (and I hope, with propriety
it may here be prefer'd)