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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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who without molestation enjoys his prive
ledge-- The first sale of this Kind was
considered an innovation & made consider
able stir but it is now done without
objection & is no Small stimilus to
Individual exertion. --

It sometimes happened formerly that as
but Indians who were disabled from Hunting by
Infermity being tird of Life would request to
be buried alive, a Grave or Hole was then
dug in which a seat was formed in the Digging
the Antient Indian was then let down &
taking his last seat the other Indians be
gan to fill in the Earth doing it very gently
& tenderly till it had risen to his Chin.
a Pause was then made and
some ceremony used, after which the
Young Warriors threw in the Dirt very
hartily so as to prevent their
being Witnesses to his Struggles & to
terminate his suf
ferings as speedily as might be.
The Indian Men formerly pluckd out their
Beards as also the Hair from their Heads
except a Tuft on the Crown which was
left to grow pretty long. In time of War this
was laid hold of by an Enemy who had the
Power, & the Skin to which it was attached
severd with a Knife & this they denominated
scalping-- The Instrument use in plucking