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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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They believe in the Ressurection of the Spirit
but not of the Body & that for some Time
after Death it is common for it to Ascend & De
scend. in order therefore for its accommoda
tion, as altho perhaps from motives of De
cency & Respect, a Tomb is erected over
the Graves, sometimes formd with logs
& having a Roof of Bark -- at others it
is Constructed with Boards & the Roof of
the same- it made in this way, a small
hole, phps the size of a key hole is
cut at the Head of the Tomb both above
& below to allow Ingress & Egress to
the Departed Spirit-- This Custom con
tinues-- Already in Degree, it is taking place
when Friends first came among them they
had one common field & altho' each planted
his particular spot, there were many Idlers
who partook the labour of the more Indus
trious-- They now clear their particular
spots of land where choice induces them &
build themselves comfortable Houses.
these Improvements if they incline to leave
(as they sometimes do in order to settle else
where) are sold to such as incline to
purchase & altho' the Fee in the Soil
cannot be Conveyd Being the property of
the Nation yet Improvements so sold are considered the Property of the Purchaser