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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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him to appear before the council-
this mandate he immediately obeys The
charge is then opend to him & if he is guilty
confession is made and the Property taken is
restored if in being -- every Chief or Warri
or in Council is then at full liberty to
express what they think, one by one, all
which he is obliged to hear. Thus is considered
a severe punishment, but no other is
inflicted. Should the Person charged de
ny that he is Guilty, he is considered In
nocent, for it is remarkable in them that
they confess when justly Charges. Jona

told me that on such occasions, he
had frequently been a Witness, their
countenance & Eyes betrayd them imme
diately, & of itself has been suffici
ent evidence to him that the Gospel
has been preachd in them, or in other
Words that the Witness for Truth is
placed in their Minds--

The Different Sexes are very jealous & shy of
each other so that it is rare to see a man
& Woman, even of the same Tribe, con
versing together without witnesses, & when
a Woman has occasion to go abroad it is
accounted Honourable to take one or more
Children with her to testify, if needful,