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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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but when this good opinion Ceases they are
discarded from their Councils--they are app
ointed by the other Chiefs & Indians when assembled by Council.
The Senecas

, Mohawks, Cayugas,
Onandago's, Tuscarora's, and Oneida's
are calld the Six Nations & are all
principally in the state of New York
except the Mohawks who mostly
reside on Grand River in upper
Canada. Most of there Nations are
Diminished but particularly the Sen
who were once very powerful--
these several Nations are divided into
Tribes. The Tribes of the Senecas & their
Chiefs are as follow--vis the
Wolf Tribe which has for Chiefs Cornplanter, Con
, Tickyando and Strong--the
Bear Tribe, John Pierce, Crow & Halftown
Deer Tribe--Josiah, Old Fatty, & Snipe
Snipe Tribe--Te us se was sy, young Fatty,
Henry Obeal & Charles Obeal,
Turtle Tribe--Blue Eyes & Much,
Crane Tribe--Johnson Silverheels
Beaver Tribe--Tall John, & the
Hawk Tribe--Jacob Snow