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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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in Fee. These Reservations were made
to the senecas

when they sold the Residue
of their Lands to Rob. Morris--apart of the
purchase money for which was paid &
the residue vested in Bank Stock which
now produces an Annuity to them of
Six Thousand Dollars & when divided
is about four Dollars pr head. Of this
they all recieve equally, an Infant draw
ing as much as its Parents, or as a Chief.
Except the Private Grants to the Chiefs
& some specific Annuities to six of them which an
nuities are to cease when the Die. They
have no pecuniary advantage above
other Indians neither have they any
other Power of authority that their
Weight & Influence gives them.
this is acquired by their Wisdom
in Council or Exploits in War, &
sometimes both & while they Contin
ue to hold the good opinion & Respect
of their Nation they are advised with &
lookd up to in all Cares of Difficulty