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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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Indians Reserve (but they are not
quite so large) and several Mounds
containing a Chalkey substance
supposed too be Bones of Dead
Men- all bearing the same
marks of Antiquity.


Took an Excuition among the In
dians to Day. we set out after Break
fast accompanied by Joel Swain

& Thomas
& James Pinebrush am Indian assorted us with
his Canoe which we got into at the land
ing place 1/2 mile from Tunassasa- about
two Miles up the River went ashore at Ja
's House to render him some assis
tance among his Cattle- walkd from here
to Cold Spring where we helpd Nicholas Sil
to raise one End of his House it was
a Two Story log building very comfortably
finished with Glass Windows &c. but
being on Descending Ground had setted
at the lower End, not having been proper
ly undermined- Paid a visit to Nicholas Sil
& bought several pair of Mock
assins to take home with us- then