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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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Little beard

s Town- the same & Squaka Hill the same,
as much very 1280 Acres and Caneadeeo 12,800 Acres
these Six last Reservations are all on
the Circumference or branches of the Genneseeo River &
the whole nine are reservd
by the Seneca Nation of Indians-
the number of whom at their last
return, 4 years ago, was about 1800.
about 600 of which number are now
on the Allegany River. The Senecas
have also a reserve of 640 Acres on
the Issue (or Issues) or Olean Creek
whereon is an Oil Spring from which
the Seneca Oil flows in abundances
it rises on the top of the Water &
is collected by Flannel Cloths in
which it is absorbd. the Indians then
boil it to separate the Water &
other matter, when it is fit for Sale.
he also told of a Spring on the Cat
River from whence arises a