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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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each space (except one near the middle)
was so situate to allow a very conveni
ent seat by the side of it on the stone.

also entertained me by some Infor
mation of several things of which I was not
before acquainted- he says that the
Indians Reservation of Sand on the Alle
River is 3 1/2 Miles in length, in
cluding the stream & in places more
than a mile in breadth containing
about 26,880 Acres- The Caterau
Reservation on the Cateraugus River
contains the same quantity. The
Buffelo Reservation on Buffelo Creek
contains 100 square Miles or 64,000-
Acres- The Tonowonto Reserva
has the same content & is situ
ate on Tonowonto Creek- The
Connegaugus Res.
2 Square miles, or 1280 Acres- The
Garda 2,500 Acres. Bigtree half