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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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countenance this disregard of the first Day
as to Grind for them & to instruct them
in spinning just as on the other Days
of the Week is a query deserving con
sideration- The Flax Tow & Wool
which the Indians spin here belong to
Friends as also the sping wheels- all
the Indian Girls & Women who incline to
[lam?] are at liberty to come while there
are materials to work upon. their thread
& yarn is tyed up separately with their
several named on each Parcel & when
they have done Jonathan Thomas

Weaves it & gives them each free
of charge as mush Cloth as their
yarn has made, which he deter
mines by the number of Cuts in
each parcel- Joel further told us
that when the Great Eclipse of the
Sun took place in 1806 they were
that Day, raising their Barn & several
Indians helping them- he had told
them in the morng that at a Certain