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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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and on considering what should be done with
her Old Fatty

(whom we saw & shook hands
with at Snyder's Yesterday) said if he was a
younger Man & able for war as he once was
he would put an End to her- on which Sun
immedeately caught up an axe &
knockd her in the Head & among them they
compleated the Massacre - Friends were
Sonorant of their procedeing till this per
petration of the act, but the Indians ap
pear dissatisfied & do not like to
talk about it- The Relatives of the wo
man threaten revenge (Blood for Blood) if
ever they Catch Sunfish - to this affecting
account Joel related a pleasing counter
part. A white Trader about 5 Months
back had brought a Load of Goods up
the River & among the rest some Cyder &
Cyder Royal - stopping at Cold Spring he of
ferd them for sale & the Indians not aware
of the effect of Cyder royal many of them
purchased & Drank, particularly a few of their Chiefs
who collecting in their Council House
made a polic of it & became Intoxicated-
this very much alarmd many of the Sober
Indians who threatned to starve his Casks