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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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nison against their Brothers return, when
they are to have a Dance or religious Festi

17th First Day-

all well this Morning
except A Lea

a little complaining- It seeming
probable that we should be detaind here lon
ger than agreeable in consequence of the
Indians absence it was thought best that a
Messenger should be dispatchd this morning
to harken their return T Stew
therefore wrote a few lanes & Jonathan
took Set over to Cold Spring agreed
with an Indian to Take it to our Friends at
Cattaraugus for $1.50 - being about 40 Miles
on Jonathans return we set with the Fam
ily in a religious way & the Meeting was satisfac
tory- after Dinner. they told us that within
a few Months two Indian Women had been
killd by the Indians for being guilty as they
adjudgd of Witchcraft- One of them I think
among the Tuscarora Indians, they first knockd
her in the Head & then threw her in the Fire
the other was an Onandago Indian who
was send (accompanied by her Husband & a few of her near
Relatives to Cold Spring for trial - it was
a very small Council but on looking into her hands she was pronoun
ced Guilty of the Charge by Conudiu who is
calld the Old Prophet (Cornplanters Brother)-