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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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House is a handsome Building--
the West Branch of the Susque
hanna River

lays to our left much
of our way this afternoon & the loy
alsock enters into it about 1/2 a
Mile below our Fording--this Eveng
we had a little treat of Red Plumbs
very fine but not quite ripe--the
Road to Day has been very good but
the Weather Warm--Course ab. S.West

Set off ab. 7 in the morng havg Just got
a very good Breakfast--our Course was ab.
N.West over several spurs of the Allegeny

--the last of which calld the
bald Mountain was ab. 8 Miles across
& much the most steep & difficult of as
cent of any before passd by us--I think
1/4 of a mile we rode on the Rocks & loose Stone
that our Horses needed rest when we had
reachd the Top--those Mountains are Timberd
with Chesnut White Pine, White Oaks & other
fine Timber but in places over a large Extent
they were layd Prostrate by a Hurriccane--about
12 oClock we crossd Larry's Creek & stopd at a Vacant House built
by Benj. Morris on Lands belongg to himself & Co.
but now deserted & going to ruin & the Fields