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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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are not yet ripe--the soil is
pretty good but very rough--we
reachd here before sunset being
about 14 miles from Drexlers
which makes 41 rode today--
we separated in this Village
T Stew.

& myself have taken
our Quarters at Benj. Sharplesss
who mar. a sister of Issac Bon
--Cattawessa is a small village situ
ated at the foot of the mountain & on the
Susquehanna River, which we crossd in
a Boat after Breakfast being about
1/2 a mile wide--it is often for
dable but now high--Fishing Creek
put into it just above & it appeard in
our view in several places as we rode on
our way--then crossing the Chillisqua
Hills--coverd principally with Pine
Chestnut & Ground Oaks & W oaks we got
to Jersey Town before noon ab. 12 miles