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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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at a future seasons - Geo Dillwyn

told me that when our Committee
were all got together I might deliver
them his love & say that his Heart
was with the willing in Israel
& last eveng in a Family sitting with
in he had something very comfortable
they shall not go forth in haste, nor
go by Flight, but the Lord shall
be upon the Head of them, and the
God of Israel shall be their Re
ward in this encouraging passage res
pecting the Chosen People he said
had been brot afresh to his remem
brance & he applied it to our present
expected undertaking is Happy for
us will it be if we are so attentive
to Israels Shepherd as to know Him
to be our Leader - and our Keeper.

5th 3d Day Morng

John Brown

another of
our Comt met me here after Breakfast with
his son Moses who desired to accompany