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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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and close application to the interest of the establish-
ment, filled the highest offices therein, to the entire
approbation of his constituents. He was a firm and
constant advocate of the Lancasterian system of edu-
cation, and of the immense importance of public cha-
rity schools, in whose welfare he felt a deep and lively
interest. His services as a director of the American
Bible Society

, were duly appreciated by his fellow
members, and by them his loss will be deeply regret-
ted. To the descendants of Africa he was a sincere
and valuable friend, deeply sympathizing with them
in their low and degraded state, and endeavouring
by every means in his power, to break the shackles
which bind them to the cruel yoke of their oppressors.
He was an early advocate for internal improvements;
and his name will be found among the first commis-
sioners for the construction of the Erie canal.

In short, he was a charitable, a philanthropic, and
a good citizen, a kind father, and a tender husband.

His funeral will take place on Tuesday afternoon,
the 18th instant, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence,
424 Broome street. In the death of this gentleman,
whose life has been long dedicated to deeds of cha-
rity and benevolence, our city sustains no common
loss. His friends and connexions, and the members
of the various societies with which he was associated,
are respectfully invited to attend his funeral.

National Gazette, Philadelphia.

An obituary notice of Thomas Eddy

of New York,
was copied into our sheet yesterday, from the New
papers. It bears a just testimony, which we
were glad to repeat, and to which we would add an
humble tribute on our own part, arising from per-
sonal acquaintance, and a deep impression of the
excellence of his character. Unaffected, inexhausti-
ble goodness; sound sense; extensive information
on the practical interests and objects of society; anx-
ious, indefatigable benevolence—were the leading