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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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A Discourse on the death of Captain Paul Cuffee. The Report of the Committee on Pauperism. Report of the Society of Philadelphia on Charity
Schools. Information of the progress of the Asylum near
Philadelphia. Governor Clinton's Discourse before the New York
Historical Society. Report of the New York Hospital Society—1817. Report of the Female Association—1818. Historical Sketch of Massachusetts State Prison. Report of the Commissioners on Internal Naviga
tion, state of New York—1811, 1812, 1817. Account of the New York State Prison, by Thomas
—1801. View of New York State Prison—1815. Account of Massachusetts State Prison. Statistical view of the operation of the penal code
of Pennsylvania. Map of the Western part of the State of New York. Map of Niagara River. Map of the countries between the Great Lakes,
and the Atlantic Ocean. Hints for introducing an improved mode of treat-
ing the Insane. American Bible Society Report—1818. Liverpool, 30th September, 1818. DEAR SIR,

I avail myself of this opportunity to express my
grateful acknowledgments for your valuable commu-
nication of Reports and Documents respecting your
state prisons and other institutions, which have
arrived at a moment when they will be of important
service to me, in a publication which I intend short-
ly to send to press, on the state of our criminal law,
and the reformation of offenders.

I have observed with great concern, the unfavoura-
ble change which seems to have taken place in these