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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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London, 24th June, 1818. SIR,

I have the pleasure to acquaint you, that the com-
mittee for the improvement of prison discipline, &c.,
have unanimously elected you an honorary member
of the society.

I request your acceptance of a few copies of their
report, recently published, containing an account of
their past proceedings, and explanatory of their
future objects; and I shall be happy to forward to
you, from time to time, the future publications of the

I am, Sir, your obedient servant, SAMUEL HOARE, junr.,
Chairman of the Committee.
To Mr. THOMAS EDDY, New York. New York, 7th month, 8th, 1818. MY DEAR FRIEND,

I wrote thee soon after thy departure from this
country, and once since, and about ten days ago
received thy esteemed favour, dated, Liverpool

, 5th
month, 7th, which gave the pleasing intelligence of
thy safe arrival. How highly gratified I should be,
by being with thee for a few months, and mixing
with that kind of society, that thou wilt be constant-
ly meeting in thy tour through England. As this is
not to be my lot, it would be the next most pleasing
enjoyment, to hear frequently from thee, with very
full details of thy observations on men and things,
in the course of thy travels. I was much pleased
with thy account of William Roscoe, and in conse-
quence of thy recommendation, have put up a large
bundle of pamphlets, amongst which are accounts of
Philadelphia, New York, and Boston Prisons. Such
a man, engaging with zeal in the cause of humanity,
particularly as it relates to a melioration of the penal
laws of Great Britain, might do wonders. To effect
this, requires patience and perseverance;—the whole