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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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came safe, and am much obliged by thy kind care
and attention.

15th.—We have just been informed of the safe arri-
val of John Griscom

; it is pleasing that he may
reach London in time to attend the yearly meeting,
and the annual meeting of the British and Foreign
Bible Society. I wrote him a few weeks ago, but it
is out of my power, by this conveyance, as I am just
warned that the vessel is about sailing; please to
remember me in the most affectionate manner to
him. I beg him to write me very frequently, respect-
ing his movements, prospects, &c. I am, very truly,
thy affectionate friend,


List of pamphlets directed for William Allen

tian Herald; Monthly Magazine; Annual Report of
the Philadelphia School Society; Memorial from the
Virginia yearly meeting to the Legislature; Two
Annual Reports of New York Free School Society,
1818; Evening Post, containing the Report of the
Society for the Deaf and Dumb, in Connecticut;
Gleaner, containing an Indian Speech; Annual Re-
port of the Female Association in the city of New
, 1818; Description and Historical Sketch of the
State Prison of Massachusetts, 1816.

London, 20th June, 1818. DEAR SIR,

I had the pleasure of writing you on the 20th of
February, by my friend Mr. Greig

, and I have recent-
ly had the satisfaction of learning from him, that the
papers he was so good as to take charge of, were
safely delivered into your hands, and that you were
in good health. You will see by referring to my
Treatise on Indigence, which I sent you, that I was
the first to suggest the establishment of saving banks,
so far back as the year 1806. Happy would it have
been for this country, if this, and my various other
suggestions for the amelioration of society, had been