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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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Report, &c. of Committee on Subject of Spirit-
uous Liquors. Seven numbers of Friend of Peace. Annual Account of Hospital. Account of Massachusetts State Prison. Constitution of American Bible Society. 5th mo. 16th, 1817. RESPECTED FRIEND,

The Commissioners to connect the navigable
waters of Lake Erie and the Hudson River, have not
yet appointed an engineer, and it is difficult to select
a person for so important and responsible a situa-
tion. The appointment will be a very honourable
one, and it is very desirable it should be conferred
on a man fully competent, and deserving entire con-
fidence; to direct the manner in which the various
parts of the work should be executed—to make con-
tracts with the workmen, &c. &c. requires a combina-
tion of talents, industry, and intelligence, that is rare-
ly to be found in an individual. I have been long
acquainted with the general character of Thomas

, of Maryland, and it occurred to me, that he
would answer the views of the Commissioners, but
having no personal acquaintance with him, and not
being possessed of a knowledge of his abilities, suf-
ficient to justify one to recommend him to the Com-
missioners, I am induced, by the recommendation of
my friend I. B., who has just been appointed to the
mathematical department, as surveyor, to take the
liberty of making application to thee for information.

Not having the pleasure of an acquaintance, I must
confide in thy well known public character, and dis-
position to aid every improvement interesting to our
common country, to excuse the liberty of addressing
thee on the above subject, and beg thee to believe me,
with great respect and esteem, Thy assured friend,