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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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Geneva, Ontario county, 11th January, 1816. MY DEAR SIR,

I have been absent a few days, at Canandai-

, which has prevented my attention to the impor-
tant business of improving our canal navigation.
Last night we had a meeting of the citizens of this
village, and we agreed on a petition to the legisla-
ture, and appointed a committee of correspondence,
to communicate with the other towns in this county,
and with the towns in the other counties more im-
mediately interested in the navigation. I think we
shall, by our proceedings, put this county in motion.

We have just learnt the proceedings in New-York

on the subject of the canal, and are much gratified
to find they are alive to the importance of another
application to the legislature.

Now is the accepted time—now is the day for adopt-
ing, and carrying into effect, a policy which is likely
to be productive of incalculable advantages to the
commerce of our state.

I hope our friends in Albany

will also be awaken-
ed to see their interest, and that our applications to
the legislature will also be sanctioned with one
from the great body of its citizens.

Our proceedings are in the hands of the printer;
and as soon as they are published, I will send you a
copy of them. It may be pleasing to our fellow
citizens in New York

to see that, in this country,
we are not unmindful of our duty to them, or to our-

In great haste, very sincerely your's, ROBERT TROUP.
To THOMAS EDDY. Geneva, Ontario county, 10th February, 1816. DEAR FRIEND,

I have been favoured with your letter of the 3d
instant, and I am not a little pleased at learning,
that our Western Lock Navigation Company, has