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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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New York, 5th month, 19th, 1815. MY DEAR FRIEND,

A number of benevolent persons of the city of

, in Connecticut, have formed an association,
with a view to establish an institution for the instruc-
tion of the deaf and dumb; and being desirous of
availing themselves of the information gained by
those who have conducted similar establishments in
Europe, they have deputed the bearer, Thomas H.
, to make a visit to England and France.
I beg leave to introduce him to thy kind notice, and
shall esteem it as a peculiar favour, if thou wilt afford
him such advice and assistance, as may aid him in
prosecuting the great and good work in which he has

I send by my friend Gallaudet

, a packet contain-
ing a few pamphlets.

A view of New York state prison, published the
present year. Hints for introducing an improved mode of
treating the insane, by T. Eddy. Report of the Philadelphia Association of Friends
for the instruction of poor children. Report of the governors of the New York Hospital. Report of the Free School Society of New York. A solemn review of the custom of war, showing
that war is the effect of popular delusion, &c.

I do not know who wrote the view of our state
prison; it appears to me the information it contains
is very correct. The institution is now conducted
by persons who are very capable of managing its
concerns. The great benefits derived to the public,
by the alterations of our present system, is acknow-
ledged by all our citizens, and similar establishments
of prisons have taken place in almost every state.

I am, with much respect and esteem,
Thy affectionate friend, THOMAS EDDY.
To P. COLQUHOUN, London.