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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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the United States; who, if they concede, or appear
to concede any thing, it is only with a view to make
America an instrument in the hands of France

, to
assist her in the ruin and the subjugation of Great
Britain, that she may aftewards, in the plenitude of
her power, also subjugate America.

When all hopes of commercial intercourse seemed
to be at an end, with respect to the continent—when
all the powers submitted to the mandates of a
formerly obscure individual—Three short months
have produced most extraordinary events—The great
peninsula of Spain

and Portugal have thrown off the
yoke. Their ports are not only open, but they are
actually now become the allies of Great Britain!—
What a change!—how vain the hopes of men!—
how uncertain the issue of the schemes of the most
powerful and the most fortunate dealer in war. An
all wise Providence frustrates at once the arrogant
pretensions of the boldest, and for a while, the most
successful adventurer.

Lamentable to say, it should seem, that the strug-
gle for dominion, and the din and clangour of war
is only commencing. Formerly, it was between an
usurper and ancient sovereigns: now, it is between
the people at large, struggling for liberty, and the
different usurpers of ancient thrones. The shutting
up the ports of Europe

—depriving the Pope of his ter-
ritories—the treacherous conduct of the ruler of France
towards Portugal and Spain, and their respective sove-
reigns—and the forced anticipated conscriptions to the
year 1810, tearing three, instead of one son, from the
bosom of their families, to gratify the ambition of
one individual:—all these measures taking effect
within a few months of each other, and all of them,
either producing immediate distress, or working upon
the religious prejudices of the mass of the people,
could scarcely fail to produce convulsion;—and hence,
already symptoms of the spirit of resistance mani-
fested by Spain, begin to manifest themselves in