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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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the countenance and support of the first characters
residing in this quarter of the metropolis.

Mr. Lancaster

has received from me every counte-
nance and protection in his laudable exertions, which
I could afford, either by advice or recommendation;
and the result has been, that many of our philan-
thropists, as well as some of our first nobility, have
visited him, and now afford him both their counte-
nance and protection; and you will perceive from the
inclosed advertisement, that he has attempted the
gigantic task of teaching by his own efforts, no less
than one thousand boys, with the assistance of monitors.
I consider his system as a great and important dis-
covery, favourable to the improvement of the rising
generation, in habits of religion and morality; and
I trust and hope, it will become universal all over
Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States; as a
means of ameliorating the state of society in future
times, and of diminishing the mass of crimes, and
the demand for punishment, among those who are to
succeed the adults of the present age, whose irregu-
larities and turpitude cannot easily be kept within
due bounds. And it is a matter of no little regret,
that where efforts are used upon proper and correct
principles, for checking crimes and penal offences,
that we find in America, as well as here, cabals, and
individuals disposed to place obstructions in the way
of the due and proper execution of every good

I am very much concerned, (from your letter of the
20th of June recently received,) that you have been
compelled to abandon the superintendence of your
excellent institution of the New York

state prison.
I have no doubt, however, but the abuses, irregularities,
and want of economy, which will result from this new
and erroneous principle of management, will become
so prominent and glaring in the view of the com-
munity, as to produce that species of paramount
interference, which will bring back to the aid of this