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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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Hardware, a small packet, containing reports of the
inspectors for last year, and also an account of the
New York

Hospital, which has been lately published
under my direction.

I am, with the greatest regard and esteem,
Thy assured friend, THOMAS EDDY.
To P. COLQUHOUN, London. London, 8th August, 1804. MY DEAR SIR,

I am quite ashamed to discover, on recurring to
my correspondence on the affairs of philanthropy and
humanity, that I have been so long your debtor for
a reply to your favour of the fifteenth of July last
year, which reached me on the twenty-first of Sep-
tember following; since which period, even until
this hour, my time has been so constantly occu-
pied, by a necessary attention to a great variety
of public business as a magistrate, a deputy lieutenant,
&c., that I have had scarce any time for those pur-
suits, to which I am so much inclined to direct my
attention. This circumstance, however, has not
prevented me from establishing two schools in the
city of Westminster

, where I reside; the one for 200
boys, who, with the assistance of monitors, selected
from the most acute of the pupils, act as ushers under
one master; and I have also establised since, a school
for 200 girls, who are taught agreeably to the same
system, by one mistress.

Inclosed I send you one of the proof sheets con-
taining an account of our proceedings, by which you
will perceive the vast disparity on the score of
expense, between the new and old method of com-
municating appropriate instruction to the lower
classes of the people. I likewise send you one of
my reports, which were circulated early in the pre-
sent year, which procured us, as you will observe,